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Become a Member of Save-A-Turtle 


Give a great gift to your favorite animal lover and show your support for wildlife conservation by adopting turtle
We will send you a certificate with a picture of a baby turtle, and the name of the person you want to give your turtle
With your help it will be easier to protect these beautiful animals
How we will use the funds raised: The funds will be used to purchase research materials. Such as: metallic mesh for the protection of the turtle hatchlings, microchip for the marking of the turtles, scanner to obtain the information of the microchip and nocturnal visors


$10 http://paypal.me/TortugasdePacuare/10

$20 http://paypal.me/TortugasdePacuare/20

$30 http://paypal.me/TortugasdePacuare/30

$40 http://paypal.me/TortugasdePacuare/40

$50 http://paypal.me/TortugasdePacuare/50

$100 http://paypal.me/TortugasdePacuare/100