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Our Pacific site program 

Patrol along a wonderful beach and help to guard the nests of endangered marine turtles.

About the Program

On breathtaking beaches you and other volunteers protect turtles that are in danger of extinction. 

Volunteers play a crucial role in conservation efforts!

The Location

This program is located in the central Pacific coast, south of Quepos and north of Dominical, and it is right in the tiny village of Mata Palo. The beach – dark sand – is about 10 km long and 6 kilometers are patrolled by the volunteers of this camp to find mainly with Olive Ridley turtles and sometimes Green Sea turtles and some Hawksbill turtles. Compared to other turtle programs you will have some infrastructure here – a little supermarket, a little restaurant and there is a school that we plan to cooperate with. The coastline in this area is stunning and also very suitable for surfing. There is a surfschool right beneath the program.

You should be prepared for very simple living conditions and for sometimes physically demanding work at unusual hours as most of the turtle nesting occurs at night. If you love outdoor life ... you will see that every single turtle is worth it!

Our work 

Volunteers become collaborators and their support is essential to the field coordinator and research assistants. The activities carried out by the volunteers are as follows:

• Night patrols
• Maintenance and cleaning of nesting beaches, in order to eliminate obstacles that may prevent nesting of sea turtles, egg hatching and emergence of newborns.
• Maintenance of signposts on beaches.
• Collaboration in cleaning and maintaining order in the house.
• Collection of temperature data of the beaches
• Collaboration with the research assistant regarding all work that is required on the nesting beaches.
• Assisting in the excavation of nests to determine hatchling success.
• Release of hatchlings.
• Biometric Measurement of Turtles.
• Maintenance of facilities and accommodation.
• Development of information signboards.
• Various tasks that may arise according to the needs.
• Participate and collaborate in activities of community outreach and public advocacy.

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers should have a love for nature and fun with outdoor-living. They should be prepared for sometimes physically demanding work and work at unusual hours as most of the turtle nesting occurs at night. The volunteers should bring a sleeping bag, repellent, mosquito net, flashlight, batteries, rain protection (May - November), sun protection and a hat or cap.

Turtle season from June till January Even when there is no turtle season we continue working so your collaboration is very important in different jobs related to wildlife

Program fee

$190 per week. 

That include accommodation and 3 meals at day