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Wildlife sanctuary 

The project

This is a wildlife conservation project focused to preserve our natural Caribbean of Costa Rica. We want to raise awareness about the importance in the protection of our environment, through the knowledge gained through our work of monitoring the large number of animals that inhabit this beautiful place.

Which kind of animals you will find here:

Mammals like: 3 kinds of monkeys, common ants and pygmy anteater, felines, raccoon, kinkayous, cuernospin, among many others. More than 200 species of birds, amphibians such as poisonous frogs and tree frogs, reptiles such as iguanas, crocodiles , Basilisk, snake among others.

Why our work is important: 

Year after year the human being has been populating many of the habitats that belong to the wild animals. Our objective is: We want to monitor the condition of the health of the different populations of animals that inhabit our Costa Rican Caribbean. Based on the knowledge acquired we want to implement a plan to restore areas affected by afforestation and develop environmental education programs.

What we do? 


  • Build research platforms, located in the different areas of the island 
  • Doing transects for forest monitoring 
  • Study of the cognitive abilities of monkeys 
  • Daytime and nighttime mammals monitoring 
  • Daytime and nighttime reptile monitoring by the river by boat 
  • Monitoring of birds by the forest and by the river 
  • Placement of trap cameras, for video data collection 

We know that protecting our mother nature is not just about knowing about it, we also have to act directly to protect it by means of different actions, such as collecting garbage on the beach for recycling and creating an endemic tree nursery reforest emission areas Which have been deforested by felling or planting monocultures

What volunteers do: 

Work in the nursery of endemic trees, after training, doing  monitoring, participating in our recycling program. 

Volunteers will live in Barra de Pacuare, all around the house are Tortuguero channels, wildlife and the Caribean sea, and will be working around Pacuare, Luis Solano and the biologist Jaco Robles are people in charge, volunteers will collaborate in all the task designed for them.

We hope for the volunteers, motivation, attitude, love for wildlife and for the protection of animals.

What can volunteers expect from us?

 A friendly treatment, staff committed to protection and a friendly atmosphere to work, in addition to the best Costa Rican style Pura vida!